Ultimate Guide to Camping & Roadtripping through SLOVENIA – DETAILS

After spending three months in Asia, we arrived in Europe with a tight budget and so here is our tight budget guide to get you around one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Although it is a reasonably cheap country in comparison to Western Europe, it still all adds up. If you are reading this and you are not strapped for cash, I still advise seeing this country via a road trip to find all the best places.


We chose to see this country on a road trip. From what we did know, it was a place where its more about the nature rather than the cities. Therefore, taking public transport is never the best way to get amongst the landscape. We hired a car so we could stop as many times as we pleased and could also camp as there are often no hotels or hostels in the wild.

We paid 180 Euros for 8 nights for the car. Plus fuel costed 50 euros, we cleaned the car at the end for 5 euros. Divided between the two of us and it works out so budget friendly!

We used RentalsCars.com for all our bookings throughout Europe.


You will find that there are many options, there is usually no mass hotel chain but what there is is campsites, home stays and family run hostels. We chose to camping as this is often the only option in remote locations especially in the Julian Alps. Camp sites range from 15 – 30 euros and come with hot showers, toilets, electricity and sometimes places to cook plus the safety of security. The Slovenian government also has set up specified areas (often parking lots) that can be camped in or for a small fee of 5-10 euros as camping is such a popular option. These are good, as there is often other campervans there however if you are sleeping in the car there is no amenities.

The last option is wild camping. This is illegal in Slovenia and often not necessary as there are so many campsites available. However, camping anywhere in Slovenia is extremely safe so we mostly chose this options.

We always use a mix of Hostelworld, Booking.com and Airbnb to find the cheapest accomodation.


We went to Bauhaus and bought a small gas bottle with a screw on hot plate, fry pan, cutlery, plastic containers, cutting knife and chopping board so we cook food anywhere we wanted to.

This may have almost been the highlight of my trip! Not only did it mean we saved money but we also ate a lot more healthier than we ever could’ve if we ate out. A few of our favourite are below

Vegetable Stir fry

Bean nachos with guacamole

Pasta with different sauces and vegetables

Vegetables with pesto

Wraps with salad and either egg or veggie patty

Omelette or eggs on toast for breakfast

We also would buy a small container of yoghurt and a big bag of museli to tip into it for breakfast or a snack. Pastries from the supermarket are actually really good and often half the price of bakery’s. Just carry the basics like pasta, oil, salt, basic vegetables, beans in a can and a jar of sauce and you will always have a meal! We would go to the supermarket usualy every 2 days and spend 15 euros on food and usually spend extra on a bottle of wine.

Supermarkets are Lidl, Hofer, Spar, Interspar.

I think if you want to really see and feel Slovenia you must camp or at least see the country on a road trip, this is where the real magic is. As Slovenia doesn’t have a distinct tourist path compared to all the other big countries, everyones trip is completely unique and special. You don’t know what you will find, who you will meet or what path you will be on the next day until your there.

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