The Only Apps you need to travel the world!

One of my most frequently asked questions I get is ‘how do you travel’ (in simple terms). And in simple terms back, its Apps. Obviously, this is a long and complex question with tons of answers (which will be discussed in the future). However, the simplest answer is, I use a few key apps and they are able to take me around the world in a very easy way!


This is the most important app as it will actually get you out of the country! I use this app for all my flight bookings. Skyscanner may just look like an average flight booking platform but the key is to know how to use it.

How to: Along the bottom panel of the Skyscanner App you will find the Explore button. Once you’ve entred that section all you need to do is select Explore Everywhere. Enter your Departing Destination. Make sure Date of Travel is set to Anytime. I also look for flights in One Way as I have still never caught a return flight! From there you will find the cheapest flights to anywhere in the world. If you already have a country in mind, you can select the Arriving Destination as an entire country. This way you can find the cheapest airport in the country to fly into. Again, if you have a certain month in mind but are flexible on dates. You can Select Whole Month

It may sound like it is only useful for people who are very flexible with destination and dates however it is still a normal booking platform. So if you have to be specific I would still use Skyscanner as it will always give you the cheapest flight. 


Rome2Rio is going to get you from one destination to the other when you arrive. You are able to type in addresses from A to B and it will show you the quickest/cheapest route to get there out of all forms of transport. The pricing and timing guide is usually quiet correct however I also cross reference directly online.

Hostel World

Hostel World lists almost all the hostels in your new destination with extensive detailing, pricing and up-to-date reviews from fellow backpackers. If you are looking for a hostel you must use this platform to find the best ones. The app also has an interactive map which helps you work out the best location.

If we aren’t looking for a hostel we are usually looking for a family guesthouse or a cheap hotel depending the country. We use for this, as we find that they have an extensive range of budget accommodation across every country. We always select lowest price first to get a price guide.


We use Airbnb when we are looking for unique stays, long term stays or we can’t find anything suitable on the other booking platforms. We did not use Airbnb as much in our last year of travel however we have plans to use Airbnb a lot more this coming year.


Do not leave home without downloading this App! Maps.Me is an offline map (however you do need to download your country in advanced), it is created by travellers which means everything you’ll ever need is marked.

Google Translate

Google Translate does require internet but it is the best for translations. The best function is the microphone, where people can speak into it and it will translate into the other language. This helps when people aren’t familiar with typing on phones. 

These are the only travel apps I use. They make a huge difference in the way we travel as we can spend less time searching for the answers and more time enjoying our adventure. I will have a blog post out soon about the apps, websites and ways I find new destinations and locations to visit.


  1. This is awesome Sarah, I’ll be sharing this site to Mia so it gets it out amongst the younger generation so they all get off their butts and see the world 🌍 thanks 🙏

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