Euro Summer 2018: Zakynthos

Greece is a country we all dream of sailing away to. We mostly have the iconic Cyclades Islands in mind however, during the height of European summer this area becomes mayhem. We were coming overland from Albania so we decided to stop in at Zakynthos Island en route to Athens. It was a big 18 hour day of travel but we knew this island was worth it.

Once we arrived, we had to head out of town to get to Beach Bungalows, our accommodation for the 4 nights.

As we only settle for transport being two wheels, we chose to have the beach on our door step over being in the centre of town. This place was perfect and highly recommended!

The next morning our accommodation organised us and our friend’s scooters, so we took off for the day. Our first stop was Xigia Beach and it actually became my favourite spot on the island as well as further north was perfect turquoise waters and blue caves to jump off.

Xigia Beach – Above

The waters here have underwater sulphur springs. Turning the water into a magical cloudy blue colour.


Marks Gialos Beach for coves & cliff jumping.

Over the next few days we divided our time between cruising through olive groves, cliff jumping at any opportunity we got, basking on the beaches, sunset picnics and visiting the oh so famous Navagio Shipwreck beach.

Navigio Shipwreck Beach

Swimming around Porto Limnionas beach.

Sunset Picnic with best friends!

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  1. What was the name of your lodging!?
    We’re going in May, already have a house but maybe next time?

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